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NAIC’s Annual Meeting and Convention has always been a time for members, private equity enthusiasts and service providers to gather to exchange best practices and discuss the latest industry developments. This year is no different. The 41st Annual Meeting and Convention takes place October 2-4, 2011 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, a spectacular setting and fit for the type of meaningful discourse that characterizes NAIC. At a time when the financial market’s uncertainty has negatively impacted every aspect of business to include private equity, convening to deliberate solutions with industry experts is sorely needed.This year’s Convention is rife with panel discussions, luncheons and receptions about the latest challenges and opportunities in private equity.Understanding Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) Guidelines, Untapped Funding Sources, Regulatory Landscape and Investing in Innovation are all panels designed to stimulate conversations and lay bare the practitioners’ approaches to private equity. Likewise, this issue of the Journal of EDM Finance represents the requisite thought leadership necessary to solve the industry’s most difficult challenges.

When the Journal of EDM Finance was established in the Spring of 2005, it was intended to be the voice of the private equity industry for the Emerging Domestic Market; to put into print in a periodical format what NAIC had been doing for nearly forty years. For certain, it has achieved that and more. Now, six and half years and 13 issues later, the EDM Journal continues to inform its readers in a unique, yet familiar way. Stories that cover insights from institutional investors, private equity firm’s investment prowess and fund raising forecasts have been the mainstay in the EDM Journal. In so doing, the EDM Journal continues to be a clarion call for the understanding of America’s underserved market, the Emerging Domestic Market. This issue’s coverage is in keeping with that tradition and serves as a very good example of the heightened interest in the EDM by institutional investors and the U.S. Federal Government. NAIC’s collaborative strength is also showcased in the Fall 2011 issue.The feature story on the Association of Asian American Investment Managers is an illustrative piece on how AAAIM has captured the attention of the financial world by harnessing the energy of the investment community to positively address the need for more Asian investment managers-a critically underserved market. (See pg. 16) The NeuroFocus story is an exciting read that strikes at the heart of innovation and venture interests. (See pg. 21) NeuroFocus’ groundbreaking discoveries and approach to marketing represents the latest in advanced marketing- an uncanny yet brilliant approach to understanding customer psyche. The cover story, my interview with the California State Controller, John Chiang, is a mustread as it delves into how his decisions have positively affected the lives of Californians.

This is indeed a very exciting time. As NAIC combines forces with The Marathon Club, it is important to note that now with an expanded board of directors, members and staff, NAIC has more expertise and added resources to build its platform and to more assertively address the needs and opportunities of NAIC members and the emerging domestic private equity market. (See pg. 26) So continue to expect more from NAIC and its Journal of EDM Finance. We accept the challenge and very much look forward to continuing to lead the charge of providing a broad platform to support EDM fund managers and a periodical medium to tell content-rich private equity stories.

Thank you for supporting the only periodical entirely devoted to covering private equity in the Emerging Domestic Market, the Journal of EDM Finance.

All the Best,
Samuel J. Boyd Jr.
President & CEO

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