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Communication Is Everything

New NAIC vice president sets goals to increase the group’s visibility and keep members informed.

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced business forum, clear and strategic communication is a vital component to an organization’s progress and success. Jennell F. Lynch is a consummate business professional who has spent more than a decade working in the communications and marketing fields; she has applied her expertise in both the private and public sectors.

In her newly appointed position as vice president of the National Association of Investment Companies, she plans to impart her expertise in communications, management and operations to help broaden the visibility and enhance the aims of the 40-yearold association. In her current role, she oversees day-to-day membership services, coordinates organization events, and manages the production and delivery of the Journal of EDM Finance.

“Two of my goals at NAIC are to keep the members informed about realtime industry news and expand the organizations’ industry advocating initiatives of the members,” says Lynch.

Lynch made the transition to NAIC from the position of vice president of operations of The Marathon Club as part of this year’s combining of the two business associations. At The Marathon Club, an organization committed to “accelerating the creation and building of strategic business relationships,” Lynch was responsible for day –to- day operations, marketing and communication efforts, in which she coordinated and managed events, programs and initiatives to increase membership and attendance.

Lynch says she is proud of her accomplishments at The Marathon Club, where she generated net new income through designing new business industry “vertical dinners” for members only that evolved into one-day symposiums and created industry verticals through a vast data-mining project.

“We also streamlined and modernized communication strategies that gave partners and sponsors greater exposure and provided membership with valueadded communication,” says Lynch, who also restructured internal operations and management procedures.

Lynch earned her B.A. in mass communications from Norfolk State University and M.A. in organizational management from Virginia University of Lynchburg. Before working at The Marathon Club, she worked at a leading mobile and wireless software company in Herndon, Virginia. As the director of marketing and communications, she led all corporate marketing and media initiatives and served as a focal point for communication with the board of directors, senior management, and the company’s shareholders.

Empowering Others

Lynch has always been an advocate of small business development, and her passion to support small businesses led her to cofound The Right LANE’s (Ladies Advancing a New Economy), in February 2009. The Right LANE was established as a community of professional women that foster personal and professional empowerment through networking, bonding and friendship. Their efforts include one-day road trips that aim to stimulate local economies and small businesses, as well as to support local charities.

In the early years of her career, Lynch served as deputy press secretary for former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, where she organized and facilitated press conferences, media events, and prepared the senator for media interviews. While working on Capitol Hill with the United States Senate, she was appointed director of communications for the Senate Staff Black Legislative Caucus for the 2002 session. Lynch also served as Web site editor for Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFL Players Association, where she developed editorial content, quarterly newsletters and advertisements for major sports business publications.

At NAIC, Lynch points out that the mission of the association is to empower women and minorities to succeed as investment managers and to encourage wealth creation in underserved markets through private equity investments.

“Since NAIC’s inception, its member firms have invested in more than 20,000 ethnically diverse businesses,” says Lynch. “Using its collective expertise, NAIC has helped to create a marketplace full of opportunities for growth, success, new jobs and an expanded tax base. Today, member firms manage more than $14 billion in capital and cover the full spectrum of private equity investment activity, including early stage venture, later stage venture, expansion, buyout, and secondary fund investments.”

Global Reach

In fulfilling the company’s mission, Lynch notes that each year NAIC hosts several educational forums and professional conferences focused on investment strategies and trends that benefit the Emerging Domestic Market (EDM).

Lynch says among her goals for the association is to implement an annual global event that introduces the firms to untapped funding sources abroad and to reenergize the organization’s 501(c)(3) foundation to incorporate more educational programs and events for entrepreneurs seeking capital.

“With the recent developments and the direction the organization is heading, there is an unprecedented opportunity to create new and innovative programs and initiatives, leveraging the total universe of the combined organizations,” Lynch says. “The new partnership offers an opportunity to understand the current needs of the members involved.” EDM

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